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Migration and Development

IOM in Italy considers essential to consolidate the co-development oriented capacity building of migrant associations and of institutions in Countries of Origin, in line with the organization’s “3 E” diaspora strategy: Engage, Enable and Empower. The role of diaspora and their relationship with their countries of origin is increasingly being recognized as an important aspect of sustainable development. The diaspora can be agents of development though financial and social remittances and by acting as development bridges between countries of origin and destination.

Maximizing the positive relationship between migration and development has long been a strategic focus of IOM’s work. In an era of unprecedented levels of human mobility, the need to develop a fuller understanding of the linkages between migration and development is particularly urgent, as is the need to act in practical ways to enhance the benefits migration can have for development, and to elaborate sustainable solutions for problematic migration situations.

IOM approaches the linkages between migration and development from the perspective that international migration, if properly managed, can contribute to the growth and prosperity of countries of origin and of destination, as well as benefit migrants themselves. IOM, therefore, aims at harnessing the development potential of migration for the benefit of individual migrants and societies. Programme activities in this area include strengthening the capacity of governments and other stakeholders to effectively involve migrant populations in development processes in their countries of origin, fostering economic and community development in areas where there is a high level of emigration, enhancing the development impact of remittances and facilitating the return and reintegration of qualified nationals.