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Aware Migrants launches new campaign "I remember" video

On Friday 17 2017, IOM launched the awareness-raising video  “I remember”, focused on the dangers of irregular migration through the Central Mediterranean route.

The video, shot in Morocco and produced in three versions (10, 15 and 30 seconds), has been developed in cooperation with the Milan-based Media Agency “Horace” in the framework of the Information Campaign “Aware migrants” funded by the Italian Ministry of Interior and carried out by the IOM Coordination office for the Mediterranean.

“Aware Migrants” is an information campaign based on true stories told by migrants who have made the Mediterranean crossing. The aim of the campaign is not to discourage but to help potential migrants to make informed decisions by disseminating some of the actual risks about the journey across the desert and through the Mediterranean, with a strong focus on the risks faced in Libya. The campaign does not target potential refugees, namely people who are fleeing dictatorial regimes, conflicts and persecution.

The campaign is unbranded and extensively uses social media networks, which are extremely popular among potential migrants. Through social media, migrants have the chance to speak out and warn their peers, friends and family back home through their own accounts of the journey.

“The information campaign was shaped in 2015, production phase started in 2016, and we are now in the phase of dissemination and outreach”, said Shiraz Jerbi, IOM Italy's Project Manager for the campaign. “If dissemination started already through social media, we are now focusing on radio, TV and local events in countries of origin and transit. The Malian artist Rokia Traoré wrote a song , ’Be aware brother, be aware sister' to further disseminate the campaign's message.”

“We have already produced 50 video testimonies, and more will be gathered on-field in Niger. Through this information campaign, we have collected evidence of human rights violations along the migrants' journey and we believe that us as an international organization, and media and civil society organizations have the responsibility to speak out in order to protect migrants’ human rights.”

Watch the video here.