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Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration

The Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVR) activities are part of the broader IOM migration management approach aiming at orderly and humane return and reintegration of migrants who are unable or unwilling to remain in host countries and wish to return voluntarily to their countries of origin.


AVRR activities include:

• Access to individual counseeling and orientation on return and reintegration assistance;

• Travel arrangements, through ticketing and logistics support;

• Facilitating travel documentation through the consulates of the beneficiaries' countries of origin;

• Assistance through immigration and customs on arrival at the airport in Italy; 

• Financial contribution to cover the necessary expenses for medical or paramedic escorts;

• Provision  of  a reinstallation  grant  for  each  AVRR beneficiary,  upon  departure;

• Short- and/or medium-term reintegration assistance (depending on the respective AVRR project and resources made available by donors).