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IOM in Italy has a significant social media outreach and is very active in engaging with national and international media on migration trends and analysis, human rights of migrants, human trafficking, the perception of migration in the media and the integration of migrants. Throughout the years, it collected and elaborated data and statistics on migration flows to Italy and Europe, and produced multilingual information tools on migration – addressing both migrants and all competent stakeholders.  Moreover, the organization contributes to balancing and deepening the debate on migration and facilitating exchange of  knowledge, understanding and best practices by hosting and actively participating in seminars, conferences, round tables and other public events nationally and internationally. Last year, IOM in Italy ensured a broad access to information through its updated website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

The mission is also a member of the Associazione Carta di Roma – the national body in charge of implementing the Ethic Protocol for the correct information on migration, signed by the National Council of Journalists (CNOG) and National Federation of Italian Press (FNSI).

In the last few years, several Italian and international newspapers, TV channels and radio stations (e.g. The New York Times, the Guardian, Corriere della Sera, CNN, CBS, RAI and others) covered IOM’s activities, with a particular interest in landings in Southern Italy and migrant’s flows in the Mediterranean. IOM’s members are often interviewed by journalists. The IOM Communication Unit in Rome supports, approximately on a weekly basis, the IOM Geneva Media and Communication Department in drafting Press Releases on migration in the Mediterranean.