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Family Reunification



Family Reunification represents the right to maintain or regain family unity, with respect to family members, recognized to the foreigner who regularly lives in Italy, under the conditions provided for by law.

Since 2001, the IOM has been carrying out DNA tests on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in order to facilitate family reunification for third country nationals who are unable to provide documentation proving the family relationship on which the application for reunification is based.

IOM supports applicants for family reunification who are unable to provide documentary evidence of their family ties (e.g. because they come from war-torn countries, have no birth certificates, or for other reasons), by resorting to DNA testing at the request of Italian Embassies or on their own initiative. The DNA test allows to prove the relationship with a certainty of 99.99%.

The cost of the DNA test is borne by the interested parties. In particular cases the cost of the test is totally or partially covered by IOM.

To date, the program is carried out worldwide, especially in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana) and Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka), in close collaboration with all IOM Missions involved.

Since the beginning of its activities, IOM has assisted more than 30,000 cases of family reunification, mainly in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, China and Bangladesh


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