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A.MI.CO. Training Course

 A.MI.CO. training course: Empowerment of Migrant Associations for Co-development


Building on MIDA strategy and IOM’s experience in the field of M&D, the Empowerment for Migrants' Associations for co-development (A.MI.CO.) training course was designed to strengthen the capacity of migrant communities in Italy to plan and implement transnational economic and social co-development projects. A.MI.CO. entails capacity building and networking activities for migrant associations in Italy, through the realization of a 36 hours training course for selected migrants representing their respective associations. The organization of the training course entails the partnership of local authorities, civil society associations and NGOs committed to the promotion and realization of co-development initiatives. The course is based on learning by doing methodologies and practical exercises.

Building on the findings of the MIDA Italy projects and the long-standing contacts with the diaspora communities to foster their role in the socio-economic development of countries of origin, IOM registered strong demand from migrant associations for capacity building.

Objectives of the Training Program:

  1. Strengthening migrants’ associations. The course is aimed at improving the organizational skills of associations and enhancing their representativeness, role and networking capacities.;
  2. Design and development of international cooperation activities. The training provides the tools for a correct project design in the context of co-development (logical framework, problem tree, identifying indicators, assessment methodologies);
  3. Tools for research partnerships and fundraising. The course provides useful references for the construction of partnerships and the mobilization of financial resources from different entities;
  4. Strengthening of cooperation between associations.


"The Course is aimed at supporting the diaspora associations residing in Italy to develop initiatives for the social, cultural and economic growth of countries of origin. The A.MI.CO. Training Course is designed in the framework of co-development, and it is particularly oriented at strengthening the impacts of migratory movements to foster global sustainable development. Moving from these premises, the A.MI.CO. Training Course addresses migrants associations in Italy: transnational entities that, by linking individual capacities, are able to enhance the skills of the diaspora as a bridge between countries of origin and of destination.The "Who finds A.MI.CO finds..." publication, through the experiences of some Associations who participated to the Course, describes the first six editions of the A.MI.CO. Training Course, held in Rome, Milan and Naples between 2011 and 2016."

A.MI.CO. Award  2017

In May 2017, IOM has instituted the A.MI.CO. Award, a prize to be awarded to the best projects submitted by the migrants' associations that participated in the past editions of the A.MI.CO. Training Courses from 2015 onwards, while also strengthening the role of diasporas in co-development initiatives. In the next weeks, a committee of experts will evaluate the submitted projects and the best ones will receive a prize of 10.000 EUR.


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