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Civil Society Support


Due to its intrinsic characteristic of being a bridge between several countries, migrants’ associations are a major player in promoting processes of economic, social and cultural development.

Moving from this principle, IOM carries out initiatives aimed at strengthening the role of migrants’ associations based in Italy, as a natural transnational subject and an actor of development cooperation as recently recognized by the new Italian law for cooperation.

Since 2011, through the Associazioni Migranti per il Co-sviluppo – A.M.I.C.O. Training Course, IOM Italy supports the capacity development of migrants’ associations, with a special focus on the following subjects: development and project implementation, budgeting, creation and management of partnerships, external communication, monitoring and evaluation.

The A.M.I.C.O. Training aims at:

- Strengthening associations of foreign citizens or new generations of Italians;
- Enhancing the planning, development and implementation of international development cooperation activities;

- Sharing research tools for partnership and funds for international cooperation.

Since 2016 IOM Italy built on the A.M.I.C.O. Training experience and launched the A.M.I.C.O. Award initiative, an economic grant meant for the implementation of co-development initiatives promoted by migrants’ associations that participated at the A.M.I.C.O. Training Course.

The A.M.I.C.O. Award initiative supports the best projects providing a dedicated economic grant and technical support that aims at strengthening the association capacities even during the project implementation phase.

Thanks to the first two editions of A.M.I.C.O. Award initiative 14 migrant’ associations received the grant and implemented projects in different sectors and in 4 different continents.




This publication describes the first six editions of the A.MI.CO. Course, held in Rome, Milan and Naples between 2011 and 2016, through the experiences and testimonies of the Associations that participated to the project. The A.MI.CO. Course is based on the concept of co-development, and in particular on the belief that thanks to the resources and skills brought by migrants, it is possible to trigger and promote improvement processes both for the communities and the territories of origin and those of destination. Based on these premises, the course targets migrant associations in Italy.