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West Africa Climate Migration Project

The project "West Africa: Promoting sustainable land management in
migration prone areas through innovative financing mechanisms" aims “to contribute to the prevention of land degradation as well as to restore degraded land by increasing investments in SLM (sustainable land management) in migration-prone areas of the ECOWAS region (Economic Community of Western African States), through the use of innovative financing mechanisms” (overall project objective).

In the framework of the project, IOM Italy has been in charge of coordinating the pilot project Bureau d’Appui aux Sénégalais de l’Extérieur (BASE) in collaboration with IOM Senegal.

In consideration of its broad experience in co-development, IOM Italy supervised all the activities related to the mobilization of the Senegalese diaspora.

Main project activities included the opening of the BASE office in Milan and the development of a research on Senegalese diaspora‘s expertise.

At local level, the overall development of project activities has been carried out in close partnership with the Senegalese Embassy and the Municipality of Milan.

The main objective of the BASE is to orient diaspora in Italy toward the promotion of SLM investments in Senegal as well as to provide access to technical and financial services by performing liaison functions between the Senegalese Diaspora in Italy and Senegal. The official inauguration of the BASE office took place last May 2016. However, considering that the inauguration was organized without the signature of the Agreement between the Senegalese Embassy and the Municipality of Milan as well as without the Staff recruited and trained, the office could not be immediately operational after the launching event.