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MIDA Youth Somalia



The MIDA (Migration and Development in Africa) strategy, launched by the IOM in 2001 and endorsed by the African Union, has the objective to promote and sustain an innovative international cooperation strategy, aiming at giving value to the leading role of migrants in the socio-economic development of home countries, through the identification of sustainable way of guiding human, financial and social resources, together with potential synergies, between territories of origins and destination. MIDA has the objective to mobilize competencies acquired by African citizens residing abroad promoting the development of their home countries.

In this respect, the unit of Migration and Development of IOM Rome, with the support of the Italian Cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) launched the MIDA Youth project, addressed to Somalis diaspora associations in Italy. MIDA Youth aims at sustaining co-development project ideas whose objective is to facilitate the integration of young unemployed Somalis in the job market, in particular in Kismayo and Baidoa.

According to context analysis and market evaluation carried out by the Organization, diaspora associations will be asked to develop and realize co-development projects in some of the sectors offering more opportunities for the socio-economic integration of young people:

  • ICT (Information Communications Technology): radio, tv, computer- for both Kisimayo and Baidoa
  • Food processing – for Kisimayo
  • Plumbing sector – for Kisimayo


The call for proposal aims at selecting up to ten associations, on the base of their respective project proposal. Selected association will be invited to attend a series of technical assistance meetings aiming at providing an advanced ad hoc technical assistance, though the support of sectoral experts.

After technical assistance meetings, the associations who took part in it will have the possibility to apply to a second call. At the end of it, the IOM will select up to 5 projects to co-finance.

You can refer to the call for proposals in order to have further details and information concerning the applying procedures. Deadline to apply: April 6, 2017