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Migration and Private Sector

In the recognition of migration as potential driver and result of development dynamic, the IOM Italy Migration and Development (M&D) Unit carries out project initiatives in collaboration with the private sector.



Migrant entrepreneurs are of importance since they are potential subjects of transnational development, able to move resources, to have wider access to new information, to connect opportunities and create  innovation.

Thanks to the support of the Directorate General for Development Cooperation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Development Italian Agency, IOM Italy supports African entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs to-be, currently residing in Italy, that are willing to start or consolidate a business activity in Africa.

IOM Italy also enhances the diaspora and private sector role in the international cooperation in the framework of the SDGs defined by the Agenda 2030.

Through the Migraventure Programme, promoted by IOM Italy in partnership with Etimos Foundation, the Organization deliver a multiphase training courses, aiming at refining the business ideas of the selected entrepreneurs and enriching their knowledge of business management.

The best business ideas have access to the coaching phase and to a network of potential investors.

In its two editions, Migraventure has trained more than 65 entrepreneurs, providing the personalized coaching to 46 of them.


Migration facilitates the circulation of knowledge and competences among enterprises and triggers innovation and internationalization processes: the Y-Med Project, that aims at facilitating job placement of youngsters coming from regions with high emigration rates, supports internship within enterprises.

The pilot phase of this project involved 11 Moroccan interns who engaged in a 6-month internship within Italian enterprises based in Morocco and had the opportunity to get to know the Italian Enterprise culture and to discover new technologies and working method while also allowed the Italian enterprises to communicate with the Moroccan culture and to train new human resources.

The Y-MED second phase foresees a circular training scheme among companies based in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and companies based in Italy. The selected youngsters will be part of a circular internship programme that will start in the countries where they reside, will continue in Italy and finish back in their countries of origin. The enterprises in Italy and abroad will benefit from the transfer of competences between companies and culture by fostering the training and the job placement of interns.