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Migration and Integration


IOM is committed to fostering migrant integration, providing support to the authorities concerned at all levels and enhancing synergies with state and non-state stakeholders, with a view to promoting social cohesion and the development of human communities, 


to the benefit of all: the migrants and the receiving societies.

Integration is a multifaceted process which develops gradually and at different paces, depending on the social dimension in which it unfold – cultural, social, economic and political – and entailing efforts for both the migrants and the receiving society. While migrants are expected to learn, respect and adapt to the cultural, social, economic and political norms of the receiving society, it is fundamental to prevent and counter all forms of discrimination, marginalization or exclusion of migrants, in compliance with international standards on human rights, and provide assistance and protection to the vulnerable ones.

An effective and impactful integration strategy shall start from these premises and take account of all the variables and actors involved in the integration process; for this reason, after having identified main challenges and opportunities related to integration, IOM seeks to find synergies with the main integration stakeholders (both state and non-state), with a view to unlocking the positive potential for receiving societies of a well-managed integration, while always upholding the human dignity and wellbeing of migrants.

IOM Italy has identified six domains as priority areas of intervention in the area of migrant integration:

- Labour exploitation

- Access to services to facilitate socio-economic inclusion

- Access to higher education

- Health

- Policy development