ADMin4ALL (Phase II)



The demographics of the EU show a culturally diverse population in its Member States as a result of intra-EU mobility and immigration from third countries. The latter comprises both established multi-generational migrant communities already in Europe, as well as migrant and refugee newcomers. Increasing diversity, coupled with entrenched disadvantage and marginalization for some groups, present challenges for the successful socio-economic integration of migrants and social cohesion within local communities.
In this regard, policy responses at the local level are crucial to address both the challenges related to successful socio-economic inclusion of migrants, as well as ways to create inclusive communities. In particular, providers of social and employment services at the local level often experience difficulties in successfully reaching out to and supporting vulnerable migrant and refugee populations. Gaps exist between the provision of immediate newcomer reception and orientation services, and subsequent longer-term integration services (income support, labour market inclusion, social services) to which migrants or refugees may be eligible.
In this context, the project ADMin4ALL – Supporting social inclusion of vulnerable migrants in Europe aims to enhance the capacity of local governments to develop sustainable strategies and provide inclusive services for the successful social and economic integration of migrants.


ADMin4ALL is in its second phase, which is implemented in more than 35 municipalities across 7 EU countries: Italy, Austria, Poland, Romania, Spain, Greece and Malta.
In order to enhance their capacity to increase the inclusivity and accessibility of their social services, thus contributing to migrant integration in their local areas, the following activities are carried out within the scope of the project:

1 Providing trainings to front-line staff of municipal social services and other local (state and non-state) providers of social services on topics related to migration and intercultural competences;
2 Piloting initiatives aimed to enhance coordination among the different municipal divisions concerned with integration as well as with other state and non-state integration stakeholders at the local level;
3 Promoting the exchange of experiences and best practices among beneficiary authorities, through organising consultations and peer-exchange visits at EU level and carrying out research on integration services and social innovation.


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