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IOM is committed to promoting policy development in the area of integration, working with national, regional and local government stakeholders to promote a stronger governance on integration in Italy, based on strong multi-sectoral coordination of all key stakeholders.  

IOM has already contributed to strengthening the governance of integration in Italy by supporting the Ministry of Interior in the development of the first National Integration Plan for International Protection Holders. Through the Project “Technical Support in the implementation of the Italian National Integration Plan for International Protection Holders”, IOM actively re-started and promoted better engagement and coordination of key stakeholders on integration, by activating and co-chairing a technical working group on integration. The project aims to develop a number of policy papers on priority areas of the national plan, which will lead to strategic projects and targeted policy actions that will kick-start the implementation of the Plan. 

Building on the work carried out in the last two years, IOM aims to expand its policy advisory services to other integration areas (e.g. promoting access to employment, skills recognition, youth engagement, ethical recruitment and countering labour exploitation); and advocating for a more positive narrative on migration.