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Migration and socio-economic integration

There are significant economic and demographic factors that influence human mobility flows. A clear instance is international labour migration, which is defined as the movement of people from one country to another for the purpose of employment. Access to employment is key to manage an ordely migration flow and to facilitate the positive integration of migrants within host communities.                                                     

IOM Missions, in partnership with national and regional institutions of both countries of origin and destination, can facilitate the integration of foreign workers into the labour market.

Among the initiatives carried out in its labour migration programming, IOM has contributed to building capacity in labour migration management by:

  • Providing information on labour sectors with work opportunities
  • Facilitating the recruitment of workers, including pre-departure training and embarkation preparedness
  • Offering policy and technical advice to administrations in charge of labour recruitment
  • Offering language support, promoting the integration of labour migrants in their new workplace and society

The Coordination Office for the Mediterranean assists the government, social workers and migrants themselves to favour the access to employment opportunities and support the development of policies, legislation and administrative structures that promote socio-economic integration through trainings, orientation and counselling, research and qualitative and quantitative analyses. Within all these activities, IOM recognizes the important role of cultural mediators as facilitators throughout the integration processes of migrants.