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Migration and Development

Promoting the nexus between migration and development and strengthening the conditions that allow this nexus to be realized, has been for years one of the priorities of IOM Italy.

Migrations have the power to link very different countries, making migrants the agents able to combine their different experience and become drivers of development for the countries they bridge.

Migrations can bring concrete growth opportunities by involving various actors.

Through Migration and Development projects, IOM promotes an innovative strategy of international cooperation that aims at enhancing the migrants’ role in the social, economic and cultural growth of the countries they bridge, capitalizing their competences and the circulation of resources and ideas. Specific initiatives are implemented in order to leverage the potential of migrants’ associations and to strength their structure and actions through tailored learning paths. 

Our initiatives also aim at enhancing the productive investments of migrants and the creation of small and medium enterprises while fostering the acquisition of new competences and expertise in order to promote migrants’ employability.

Moreover, targeted actions with local authorities aim at encouraging the integration of migration in local policy plans (development plans, policies/sectorial strategies) in accordance with the Italian Development Cooperation.