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Migration, Climate and Development

IOM in Italy deems essential to consolidate the co-development oriented capacity building of migrant associations and of institutions in Countries of Origin, in line with the organization’s “3 E” diaspora strategy: Engage, Enable and Empower.

By directly engaging foreign citizens and particularly thanks to their experience with diaspora associations in Italy, IOM supports the training in the field of co-development, recognizing migrants as agents and promoters throughout sustainable development processes.

Enhancing the strong bond between migration and development has always been one of IOM priorities since its foundation. To pursue this vision and release the potential of migration, IOM promotes and supports development projects involving diasporas, provides technical assistance to governments and communities of migrants’ countries of origin and destination, and encourages research and study activities to broaden the knowledge of migration dynamics.

Although the reason to migrate are linked to a variety of factors, environmental factors have long had an impact on global migration flows, as people have historically left places with harsh or deteriorating conditions.  Migration, climate change and the environment are interrelated. Just as environmental degradation and disasters can cause migration, movement of people can also entail significant effects on surrounding ecosystems. This complex nexus needs to be addressed in a holistic manner, taking into account other possible mediating factors including, inter alia, human security, human and economic development, livelihood strategies and conflict.