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IOM Italy regularly collects data and information on the migrant population and on migration trends relevant to Italy and the Mediterranean region through its rich portfolio of activities. Data generated from its different areas of activity are analysed in combination with data produced by other IOM Missions, UN agencies, public entities, academic institutions and other sources.

IOM Italy’s Research Unit aims at enhancing the understanding of the complexity of migration in all its dimensions. Based on an integrated data and information system, it publishes analytical pieces to inform migration policy and practice. It also engages with authorities, UN agencies, multilateral and academic institutions, civil society organizations, and other relevant stakeholders to build research partnerships.

All IOM Italy research products are available on the Italian and global Publication webpages.


Contacting IOM Italy’s Research Unit for research purposes:

For requests concerning IOM Italy’s participation or contribution to research projects, please refer the query to the email address researchiomitaly@iom.int.
Please include in the request the following information:

  • An overview of the research proposal (research question, objectives, methodology);
  • Interview guide or specific research questions for IOM Italy;
  • A brief description of how the data/information provided by IOM Italy will be analyzed/treated/disclosed; and
  • A brief description of how the research findings will be disseminated (e.g. final product, target audience, etc.).


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•    Study on migrants' profiles, drivers of migration and migratory trends