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IOM Italy Briefing series

In June 2017 IOM Italy, through its Research Unit, launched a series of briefings regarding migration inflows in the country.

Each Briefing focuses on a particular topic of interest and presents primary data and information gathered through the various research and protection initiatives of the Mission in Italy. These are combined with statistical evidence from national and other sources, and contextualized relying on relevant institutional, academic and other references.


Issue No. 4| December 2018

Migrant children in Italy

The 4th IOM Italy Briefing presents and analyses data on migrant children in Italy, in particular on unaccompanied or separated children (UASC).  In addition to underlining the importance of respecting the best interest of the child, the Briefing describes IOM's activities in assisting UASC arriving by sea, family reunification and family tracing.






Issue No. 3 | February 2018

Migration and transnationalism in Italy

The Briefing collects and analyses data on migration trends to and from Italy taking into account the transnational dimension of migration. It focuses in particular on the emigration of Italian citizens; migrants’ entrepreneurship in Italy, financial remittances to and from Italy, and the links between migration, integration and development.







Issue No. 2 | October 2017

Migrants’ contributions to Italy’s welfare

The Briefing collects and analyzes the most up-to-date data from institutional and academic sources on tmigrants' presence in the Italian labor market as workers, entrepreneurs and taxpayers. Migrants represent 10.5% of the workforce in Italy and produced about 9% of Italian GDP in 2016.







Issue No. 1 | June 2017

Current migration trends from Bangladesh to Italy

The Briefing collects and analyzes data on migration trends from Bangladesh to Italy and, in particular, on recent arrivals by sea.