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National Integration Plan

In the framework of the Italian National Integration Plan, IOM provides technical support to the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Italian Ministry of Interior to effectively oversee, coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Plan.

Component I: Enhancement of the capacity of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of Interior to prioritize and implement integration policies and programs, convene and coordinate relevant stakeholders

Activities under component I:

  • Promote institutionalization of Technical Working Group
  • Conduct baseline stakeholder analysis
  • Elaborate resource mobilization strategy
  • Elaborate operational guidelines to streamline stakeholders’ vertical and horizontal coordination

Component II: Identification of priority thematic areas and development of pilot actions to launch the implementation of the National Plan, taking into consideration international evidence and good practices applicable to the Italian local contexts

Activities under Component II:

  • Conduct research on good practices on integration in the three priority thematic areas
  • Carry out study visits
  • Develop, based on the research results, pilot actions to be implemented on the Italian territory, as well as a specific initiative on the regional and local coordination

Component III: Strengthening the capacity of regional and local authorities to design and implement activities on integration.

Activities under Component III:

  • Organize a national workshop on innovative and alternative sources of funding that could be leveraged for integration
  • Trainings for local and regional authorities and stakeholders on innovations related to service delivery

Component IV: Strengthening of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration capacity to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the National Integration Plan

Activities under Component IV:

  • Elaborate and validate a monitoring and evaluation framework for the pilot initiatives
  • Organize monitoring visits to the implementation sites of the pilot actions
  • Elaborate an M&E Strategy for the National Integration Plan, as well as for future integration policies  


Partners: Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Italian Ministry of Interior; EU DG Reform



For more information contact the National Integration Plan project team at IOM Italy: Tel. +39 06 44186 206 or email mricevuti@iom.int