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IOM: saving lives must always be the number-one priority

Rome, 28 March - in the last few weeks there have been serious incidents involving migrants and rescue operators with alarming consequences. In view of these events, IOM deems it necessary to reiterate that the protection of human life must come as a priority with respect to other migration-related considerations and that the rescue of people in difficulty is a principle of humanity and solidarity. While respecting national and supranational migration policies and laws, it is necessary to underline that migration management must always be based on the respect of all individuals’ fundamental rights, in particular on the right to life and the right to health.

International Women’s Day 2018. IOM Celebrates Migrant Women and Girls—and Values Diversity on the Move

8 March 2018 - "On this day, we honour the women who have worked tirelessly to make their voices heard and pave the way towards women’s rights and empowerment. Displaying great strength and resilience, these women have highlighted the injustice they and others have experienced simply because of their gender. Migrant women often play essential roles in sustaining and rebuilding their families and communities. We now know that they send a greater portion of their overseas earnings home than men do. We also know they often take on more caring responsibilities related to family and household than men do – wherever they may be."

IOM Director General William Lacy Swing's Message on International Women's Day 2018  

Coercion of children to obtain fingerprints and facial images is never acceptable

Brussels, February 28, 2018 - "We, the undersigned civil society and UN organizations, are concerned by proposals now under consideration as part of the ongoing reform of the Common European Asylum System which would allow the use of coercion to take the fingerprints and facial images of children"

Read the Joint Statment

IOM DG Discusses Migration with Greek, Italian and Nigerians Leaders at WEF Annual Meeting

24 January - World Economic Forum in Davos: IOM Director General William Lacy Swing, joined Paolo Gentiloni, Prime Minister of Italy, Alex Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece and Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria to discuss migration across the Mediterranean.

New UN Migration Agency Report Sheds Light on Migrants’ Vulnerabilities to Human Trafficking and Exploitation En Route to Europe

Geneva — There are specific risk factors associated with increased migrant vulnerability to exploitation, violence, abuse and human trafficking, according to a new report published yesterday (21/12) by IOM, the UN Migration Agency.

The report, titled Migrant Vulnerability to Human Trafficking and Exploitation: Evidence from the Central and Eastern Mediterranean Migration Routes, analyses quantitative data on vulnerability factors, as well as personal experiences of abuse, violence, exploitation, and human trafficking collected over the past two years from 16,500 migrants in seven countries.

Online the briefing on migrants’ contributions to Italy’s welfare

The second IOM Italy Briefing is online. It presents the economic contributions of the migrant population in Italy, as workers, entrepreneurs, and taxpayers, analyzing recent data from institutional and academic sources on migrants’ contributions to Italy’s welfare.

2,560 migrants saved at sea in the last four days, 34 deaths and many missing

IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean reported Monday 6 November on operations that saved over 2,560 migrants in just four days. Those same operations resulted in 34 recovered bodies and an estimated 50 more missing at sea, at the very least. “This is the outcome of one of the toughest weeks that rescue workers in the central Mediterranean route have experienced in the past for four months up to Monday,” said IOM Rome spokesperson Flavio Di Giacomo.

UN Migration Agency Marks 11th EU Anti-Trafficking Day with New Data, Analysis on Human Trafficking

Brussels – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, today joins the European Union (EU), other European countries and partners throughout the region and beyond in marking the 11th EU Anti-Trafficking Day. It is observing the day through a series of events and is releasing two publications on victims of trafficking, including the English version of the IOM Italy Report: “Human Trafficking through the Central Mediterranean Route”.

UN Migration Agency alarmed following migrant boat incident near Tunisia

Tunis 11 October – Eight migrants have died in the wake of a collision between a Tunisian navy vessel and a boat reportedly carrying 87 migrants on Sunday, 8 October. A further 38 migrants have been rescued and approximately 41 are still missing. The tragic incident happened in the early hours of Sunday about 54 kilometers off Kerkennah Island, Tunisia.

IOM provides emergency response to migrants in Sabratha, Libya

IOM is providing emergency response in the Libyan coastal city of Sabratha, where in the aftermath of weeks of conflict, at least 4,000 migrants – many previously held in numerous informal detention centres and camps – have been transferred to a hangar in the city’s Dahman area.